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 Service Details, Mozy Remote Backup
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About company

Founded in 2005, Berkeley Data Systems is a software company focused on making simple things simple and complex things possible. Berkeley Data Systems is venture funded by Wasatch Partners, Tim Draper and Drew Major and is located in American Fork, Utah.

Contact Us:

Berkeley Data Systems, Inc.
774 East Utah Valley Drive
American Fork, UT
Sales: (877) 588-8747 (Sales only. Please contact support via the email below.)

Service description

Mozy is a simple, smart and economic way to protect your data. You simply install it on your PC, set it up and then never worry about data loss again.

Specifically, Mozy:

* Is simple to set up
* Performs backups automatically in the background
* Encrypts all files on your PC before transfer
* Performs incremental backups
* Backs up only blocks that have changed
* Backs up open/locked files

Try it out. It's free and it's easy.

Open/locked file support
448-bit Blowfish encryption
128-bit SSL encryption
Automatic or scheduled backups
New and changed file detection
Block level incremental backups
Bandwidth throttling
File versioning
Public or private key encryption 

Client software

Download and install simple Mozy client 

WAP support




File sharing



When you use Mozy, your files are encrypted on your PC using 448-bit Blowfish encryption and then transferred the Mozy servers using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. You have the option of using a Mozy key, or your own private key to encrypt your data. Note, that if you use your own private key, you must be very careful about not losing it, because if you do, we won't be able to help. It's impossible for us to decrypt your data when you use your own key. Most users opt to use the Mozy key, but it's up to you. 

File type restrictions


Referral/bonus program

referral program available 

Other features



Mozy currently supports Windows XP, but we are working hard on developing a Mozy client for other platforms.

Mozy is not a file sharing service—it's for backups. Although you could give your name and password to someone to access your backups, we strongly advise you not to share your password. 

Claimed Service Level

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