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Evaluation accounts created using Sharemation have a 5M storage quota and a 5M / 3 hours bandwidth quota. 

Storage space, MB

About company

Sharemation is the service of Xythos Software Inc.
Xythos was founded in 1999 with the vision of providing the necessary infrastructure to offer everyone a storage location for all of his or her digital data. The Internet has created islands of storage, backups at one location, websites hosted at another, digital pictures and movies existing at yet another. Xythos created the Xythos Storage Server to allow you (ISP's, ASP's, Portals, corporations) the ability to provide file storage and collaboration for any application using HTTP and the Internet. At Xythos we focus on our core competency: efficient storage, security, and collaboration for all your digital data.

Redwood City, CA  

Service description

With Sharemation, you can upload your files for storage on our server. Then at anytime, you can access and retrieve your files. You also have complete control over who has access to your files. You can give Jane access to read one file, and John access to read and replace a different file. Access is controled by YOU!!! This allows you to work with others over the Internet. Work on school projects, share pictures from your last trip, access your documents from work and at home, collaborate with a colleague accross the world or in a different company, make your important information available to others at any time....

Sharemation Features include:
-Multiple Access Methods
-File Versioning
-Directory Quotas
-WebDav Support

Sharemation for Personal Use:
With one location, you can now run your personal website, backup your files, share documents, and access your data from anywhere on the web. You can have certain aspects of your website only available to certain people. You can use Sharemation when you travel on business to access you data from anywhere. You can use Sharemation when you telecommute to share information between the office and home. As a student you can use Sharemation to share information between the classroom and dorm. Travelers can upload their digital pictures to Sharemation for sharing and storage while they travel. Important documents like tax records and PC backup files can be stored in a location that is always available. Gamers can store their personal games and game plug-ins in Sharemation for personal use at a friend's machine, or for sharing games with friends. Music enthusiasts can store their MP3 files in a central location so they can listen to them from any location.

Sharemation for Business Use:
Businesses and business people can use Sharemation as a centrally managed store for all of their files. By having Sharemation available to everyone at all times, important documents can be shared securely among users on the same team, in the same company, or even accross companies. Unlike email where the document simply leaves your PC, Sharemation allows users to know exactly who has what revision of a document, and when they received it. Telecommuters and travelers will benefit from having access to their files from any location, without having to lug around a laptop. In this way, users will always have access to the most up-to-date documents from any location, at any time. Groups or project work is greatly enhanced by allowing multiple people secure access to the same files. With locks, logging, and revisioning, Sharemation is the best resource for working with other people on the internet.


Client software


WAP support




File sharing

Within Sharemation you can grant access to users or groups of users at the individual file or directory level.

You create aliases and lists of users with whom you would like to share files. Once you have created your list you can then assign to your files these access lists.

There are 4 permissions available for each file or directory: Read, Write, Delete, and Permissions  


Sharemation supports the use of SSL to encrypt your communication over the internet. By using the https:// protocol in place of the standard http:// you can choose to have secure communications when and if you need it.

In the future Sharemation will also be supporting client side digital certificates as a means of identifying users. By using digital certificates you will be able to have even greater security, as there will be no passwords for you to remember or have stolen.  

File type restrictions


Referral/bonus program


Other features



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Claimed Service Level

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